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Offshore Banking


Offshore Banking

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Please note you have access to network of offshore banking contacts free of charge.    Many of our competitors charge between £500 and £10,000 for this service!

Please note that there is no guarantee (regardless of which formations company you use) that any bank (whether offshore or onshore) will open an account for you or your company.


Many of our competitors charge you for an introduction to a bank only, at a significant fee in addition to the cost of your company formation, which isn’t always obvious at the time you instruct them!


Firstly, an understanding of what offshore banking amounts to, is useful.  Offshore banking is simply using a bank or financial institution that is outside of your residential jurisdiction.


Despite what you might have heard, there is no such thing as an ‘anonymous’ or ‘numbered’ account.  Privacy benefits are conferred by the appropriate use of an offshore company and/or nominee directors and/or an offshore trust.


There are many benefits of offshore banking which included additional security and asset protection, along with potential tax savings.


Some of the benefits include:-


Privacy & Security


Privacy is one of the more important reasons why offshore banking is undertaken.  Quite apart from additional privacy afforded by incorporating a company in a jurisdiction within minimal public disclosure of company ownership and control, parallel legislation often means that it is very difficult for banks to disclose information about who their customers are, should enquiries ever be made.




Many offshore banks offer accounts in  USD, GBP, EUR and AUD along with many other currencies.


Having the ability to bank in the currency in which you trade or operate removes the need to engage in foreign exchange transactions and also largely removes the risk of losing out on exchange rate fluctuations. Many traditional banks charge high fees for currency transfers and may even charge commission fees. Offshore bank accounts can help you get the most from your money.


Exchange Rates


Having your banking in one place is beneficial to business who operate in multiple currencies.. Allowing you to transfer money between accounts in your native currency is usually free of charge. Making multi-currency payments from the same bank account is very useful to clients who have international aspect to their business and you may also benefit from better Exchange Rates.


If any of the above benefits appeal to you, then Offshore Banking is definitely worth exploration.  Our Experts are more than happy to discuss this with you in a free initial consultation.

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