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Incorporations & Trusts


Offshore Formations & Trusts

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A few of the benefits of an offshore company include lower taxes, the ability to choose the location of your business to maximise regulatory benefits, confidentiality & privacy, minimal accounting and audit requirements, and asset protection (including protection in divorce & insolvency situations).




One of the main benefits is tax.  Our clients are often looking for ways to reduce their taxes as this can often be one of the largest burdens upon a business.   One of the U.K.'s best known billionaire businessmen said that his business would be 'half the size' if he hadn't used offshore services.  Contact us to find out who!

In general terms,  offshore companies are tax exempt or pay little tax in their country of incorporation, particularly if they have no business operations within that country.


Holding companies incorporated in offshore jurisdictions can receive dividends from companies incorporated ‘onshore’ realisifng a tax benefit.

Companies involved in importing & exporting can often use a company in offshore jurisdiction.  If an offshore company was structured to receive orders from customers and then deliver goods directly from a manufacturer or other supplier (“drop shipping”) then this can attract low or no tax.​


Regulatory benefits


You can also look at which jurisdiction best suits your particular regulatory needs and ‘jurisdiction shop’ to decide which offshore location might have the lighest touch regulation for your business.


Accountancy & Audit


Many offshore jurisdictions do not require annual accounts and auditing and/or do not make company accounts publicly available.  This is an added level of privacy and keeps your administrative burden to a minimum.


Confidentiality & Privacy


Many offshore jurisdictions offering offshore companies & trusts do not disclose who company directors and shareholders are on public records, therefore keeping the identity of the officers and owners confidential.  This is great for commercial confidentiality (so that your competitors can’t see what you’re doing) and this type of structure is often used by some of the world’s largest companies.


Another added level of confidentiality is to  use nominee Directors, Shareholder and Secretaries.  Any official record (whether publicly visible or not) will show the nominee’s details and not yours.


Asset Protection


A wide variety of assets (including shares in onshore companies) can be owned by an offshore company.  The confidentiality and privacy afforded by an offshore company can be useful in situations where assets are being pursued (including but not limited to, in divorces, litigation and insolvency situations).


Offshore Trusts


An offshore company can often be combined with an offshore trust, which provides a powerful and almost impenetrable structure for the purposes of privacy and asset protection.



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